Blog.01 About: A Brief Overview of the Golden/Applewood Mesa Blog Project

Thank you for visiting my ENVS 3525 place project blog.

For this class place project, I will look into the history and current period on the development of the Golden/Applewood Mesa community. I will show how it apparels similar stages of the first settlers of this nation, the Homestead Act and the developing stages from an agrarian community to what is now an urban community in the center of a diverse environment. I will also attempt to tie in external environmental factors that influenced the progressions of Applewood Mesa from its beginnings to present time.

This 1st posting incorporates all three prompts in no particular order at the moment and will be refined/updated as the blog progresses, as will this first blog.

Any feedback is welcomed.


2 thoughts on “Blog.01 About: A Brief Overview of the Golden/Applewood Mesa Blog Project

  1. Excellent topic proposal. You develop a great image in the head of the reader of the landscape you are covering. I am also analyzing the redevelopment proposal for the Applewood Golf Course. I grew up less than a minute away from the course and believe we should be able to collaborate a good deal on our blogs. I really liked your approach of analysis using the conflicting ideas of an agrarian and urban community and think this will be a great topic to expand on.


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