Blog.02 History of Applewood: From Wheat to an Orchard of Apple Trees

Applewood Mesa, A place I’m proud to call my come, a quiet little community nestled near the Colorado Foothills. Only minutes away from the Coors Brewery and a quaint little town called Golden. A place I feel in centralized in the middle of cultural and recreational activities.

Driving through the Applewood Mesa community, one notices the mid 20th century architecture, the pride folks have in their community show through their home landscaping, the healthy mature trees that adorn our community throughput, the daily activities one has access to such as cycling, running, jugging, walking, hiking, playing basketball , gulfing, country club, gold panning, or just the simple gatherings of neighbors at their homes, or in one of the many parks surrounding the Applewood Mesa community.

I chose my community because of my curiosity to learn of its beginnings. How did this community first develop, why, what factors influenced its development? Was it utilitarian, political, or was it a vision to recapture a rural Mayberry or an urban Norman Rockwell like Eden? I would also like to investigate the current Applewood community strife with MolsonCoors over the selling, rezoning and redevelopment of the Applewood Vista Golf Course with a proposed 454 homes.


Jefferson County Historical Commission. Historic Mining and Quarrying. May 2012. 30 10 2015. <;.
Historic Jeffco <;
• Provides some historic inside in the development and transformation of the land.

City of Golden. Golden History, Gateway to the West! 2015. 21 10 2015.
• This very short blurb talks on how city of Golden came about through the  discovery of gold, the different types of mining and mil industries around Golden and its entry into the 20th ce. and the future.

Henderson, Charles William. Mining in Colorado: a history of discovery, development and production. No. 138. Govt. Print. Off., 1926.
• The paper shows chronologically the history of mining in Colorado and its different counties and cities. This also parallels class material on the different stages and processes that take place and the influences of the environment on it.

• Shows the conflict between community and development (progress).


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