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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I’m an Environmental Studies senior in the undergrad dept. of C.U. Boulder. This site was developed for a course at the University of Colorado at Boulder – History 4416: Environmental History of North America, Fall 2015 taught by Dr. Phoebe Young. Support for this project kindly provided by ASSETT (Arts & Sciences Support of Education Through Technology) at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

For my class place project, I will look into the history and current period on the development of the Golden and Applewood Mesa community. I will show how it parallels similar stages of the first settlers of this nation, the Homestead Act and the developing stages from an agrarian community to what is now an urban, recreational community and a world leader in technology in the center of a diverse environment known as Golden. I will also attempt to tie in external environmental factors that influenced the progressions of Golden and Applewood Mesa communities from their beginnings to present time.

This blog is updated frequently, so content of pages subject to change.

Any constructive feedback is most welcomed.




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