What was most interesting to you about the projects your group members completed? How did they relate to yours? What could someone learn from reading and considering all the projects in your group together?

Gannon’s site as I mentioned in class, parallels mine in a way and was what I was considering since I’m actively involved in Applewood’s meetings and support against Molson/Coors selling the Applewood Golf Course to a developer. But as I began developing my blog, I was more interested in its history in order to understand and intelligently address the where, how, what and why of the areas current issues. I liked what he did with his blog and since the subject matter was one I was starting with and it complemented my place project, I decided to add his thesis as a post to my blog along with a link his blog.

Lana’s blog was really interesting and I learned about the significance of Infinity Park located in Glendale, which I had no prior knowledge of. Who would have thunk of the significance of the park, let alone Rugby. I also found it interesting how the natural and synthetic world intertwined (as we discussed in class) in conservation planning of the park.

Evan’s blog I liked because I’m interested in the Steamboat Springs area, so now when I decide to visit the place, I’ll have some background knowledge of the place and have a better insight of its history and current state of affairs.


What were you most excited to have learned about this place that you selected?

It was cool to see how these two cities developed and the influence they had on one another along with how they and the environment were impacted by events of the time. It was also neat to see the relation of my research of the place project to our readings and class lectures.


Now that you have your own personal website, what might you use it for in the future? Possible uses could for other class projects, personal blogs/interests, homepage for a group you’re involved in, professional portfolio, etc. (Remember, you can own separate sites from your WordPress account, and you can share authorship with others on a given site.)

Since I only have two credits left to graduate, I won’t be using my blog for another class unfortunately. So my current plan is to develop the blog and content better and become more familiar with its functions and capabilities to make it better looking and easier to navigate. So far, I’ve done some cool stuff to my blog which wasn’t part of the required class outline, like drop down tabs, which at first would only drop to the right, so I figured how to make my tabs drop directly down. Figured out how to make it snow on my page and becoming more familiar with its coding. Once I get my blog polished-up some, I’d like to make it available to the Applewood and Golden community to keep folks updated on the Molson/Coors Development and future plans with the golf course while creating a site which can be used to collect some history from families who’ve been living in the area from way back in hopes of sharing with others Golden’s and Applewood’s rich history and possibly a forum for airing concerns or ideas.


One thought on “Reflections

  1. I love the idea to continue the blog as a way to update the member of the Applewood community as well as incorporating my place project into your. I think the two complement each other very well and help tell your tale of two cities from a different perspective. Great Job!


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